What Makes You Happy?What makes you happy?







A fabulous meal?

A walk on the beach?

A smile?

I like happy people – don’t you? They are certainly fun to be around. In fact, happy people have a way of drawing us out of those times when we may be down and a bit blue.

It’s my mission to be happy and to help others be happy too. I believe that happiness leads to so many other things that we need to live a full and meaningful life.

Like self-esteem, personal power, confidence, kindness and compassion. Happiness is the foundation upon which each of these qualities is built.

So how can we be happy? 

Is there anything that we can do to add happiness to our lives?

Here are 4 things you should do to build happiness into your life.

1. Think about those things that make you happy.

This sounds so obvious, but I run upon so many people who just trudge their way through everyday life without ever thinking about their personal happiness. It is as if they are fearful of thinking about things that would truly make them happy.

The truth of the matter is that happiness takes work. Being happy requires you to be present in life. It forces you to sit up and take notice of the things that are going on in your life and to make decisions regarding them.

Excuse me for being blunt, but too many people are too lazy to do this work.


Try this very simple exercise:

Take out a piece of paper right now and list all the things in life that make you happy. DO NOT censor them. List them as they come to mind. Let it free flow from your mind and heart.

Now comes the real work.

Get in touch with your mind and heart and begin to narrow the list down. In the end, you want to have a list of no more than 5 things, people, places or activities that make you happy.

More on that in a minute.

2. Share what makes you happy with someone you trust.

Should you share with your spouse or committed partner? Absolutely, but do not stop there. Share with a trusted friend, Coach or colleague.  The idea here is for you to have someone to be accountable to beyond those in your immediate relationship or family.

Share the whole list first and then talk about why you narrowed it to the top five. This will allow you more time to process your decision and have a confidant to reason with along the way.

3. Work your list.

I am reminded of the saying “Plan your work and work your plan.” That is what we are doing here. Now that you have your list of the top five things that make you happy, you are going to work that list to bring more happiness to your life.

Ask yourself to simple questions about each of the five things on your list.

One: Why did I list this as something that makes me happy?

Physically write your answer down in something you can keep for future reference. This sets your reasoning in stone. It is imperative to your success.

Two: What can I do to make this thing that makes me happy a reality in my life?

Write down your answer to this question again. Get specific. Dig deep within to find definite actions you can take.

Example: “Helping others makes me happy.”

I can get involved with a cause or charity that I believe in.

That cause is Breast Cancer Awareness.

I am going to raise money and walk in the next Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure.

Here is the link to help me sign up and get started: www.komen.org

Do this for each of your top five.

4. Take action

Nothing good is every accomplished without action. Get up, get out and work your plan.

Contact those that need to be contacted.

Plan that vacation.

Cultivate that new friendship.

Buy that great pair of shoes!

Take action!

What makes you happy? Let’s chat in the comments.