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Who or what is an UP Woman?

Wouldn’t it be nice to surround yourself with
positive people who believe in you and inspire you?

An UP Woman is Undeniably Powerful. She is a woman who is significant, authentic, courageous, and intelligent. She is a leader and an advocate for others.

An UP Woman is loving, strong, phenomenal, and remarkable. She lives each and every day on a high, moving in a direction that is contrary to gravity; a higher place or position. No one can hold her down.

An Undeniably Powerful woman will…

Stand UP – for what she believes in; she’s a fierce advocate for others and does what she can to support her cause. She stands up for what is right. She believes in her own self-worth.  She has the courage to live her dreams.

Show UP – early (or at least on time!)
Woody Allen says, “80% of Success is Showing Up” and we couldn’t agree more. How do you show up to the world? Are you showing up the way you want to? An UP Woman never gives her power to someone else.

Step UP – be a team player. Volunteer to support your cause, be a mentor and offer your support to others. Don’t take the easy way out. An UP Woman steps up with a plan ready, willing, and able to help move herself and others to the next level.

Speak UP – to be heard. Are you using your voice? An UP Woman will tell everyone about her vision and dreams. She will ask for what she wants; never allowing fear to get in the way of what she wants.

Fill UP – by continually learning. An UP Woman knows she must enrich her mind by constantly filling it with knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Fire UP – by being a motivating and inspiring leader. Be courageous. Be authentic. Give back. An UP Woman inspires the women in her life to be the best they can be, to follow their dreams, and work through fears that may hold them back. She leads by example to create more leaders.

Connect UP – to create meaningful relationships and leverage opportunities. Every woman needs to be connected. Connect with like-minded woman. Connect with a coach who guides you toward your goals. Connect with a mentor who is more experienced. Connect with a Higher Power — God, Universe — whatever or whomever that is for you personally.

Power UP by recognizing and using her personal power to live each and everyday as an Undeniably Powerful Woman.

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This Month’s Undeniably Powerful Featured Member

Ann Rusnak

Ann Rusnak is a "True ME" mentor who works with women entrepreneurs who are successful at what they do but are stuck and frustrated getting to the next level of their life and business. Ann shows them how to reconnect with their true ME… Magical Essence so they can grow their business with minimal effort, gain more confidence, belief in themselves, make more money, feel happier and enjoy life while fulfilling their sense of purpose.